Tere Mere Sapane Ab Ek

One more melody from my memory today- an eternal love song.

If there was a tradition in India to write one's own wedding vows as in the modern times in USA, this poetry by Shailendra would make a good wedding vow for the groom.

The music by S D Burman touches the listeners' heart with this simple tune that complements the words and Rafi has excelled in his rendering. This is from Dev Anand's film Guide (1965), which had great songs. Waheeda Rehman played the female lead with of course Dev Anand in male lead role.

तेरे मेरे सपने अब एक रंग हैं
हो जहाँ भी ले जाएं राहें, हम संग हैं

तेरे मेरे दिल का, तय था इक दिन मिलना
जैसे बहार आने पर, तय है फूल का खिलना
ओ मेरे जीवन साथी...

तेरे दुख अब मेरे, मेरे सुख अब तेरे
तेरे ये दो नैना, चांद और सूरज मेरे
ओ मेरे जीवन साथी...

लाख मना ले दुनिया, साथ न ये छूटेगा
आ के मेरे हाथों में, हाथ न ये छूटेगा
ओ मेरे जीवन साथी...
Dec 26, 2011

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