health is wealth

health is wealth

health is wealth

health is wealth

' Health is wealth ' is the very old saying, which means that the health itself is everything and its importance is more than wealth. First orgasm free from disease kaya Duja pleasures in Home Maya. The same thing is known by this saying. We will give you a speech on the health money you have today, which you can use in your school homework if there are any hassles you can tell us by commenting. Let's start Speech on Health is Wealth .

Health is the only money on speech 1

Good morning to all. On this occasion today, I want to reveal your thoughts on the ' health is wealth ' itself. As we all know, health has been considered the greatest wealth. It is better to have a healthy poor than to be rich. The sick person does not consume money and Sukhasuvidhao Sakatause feels his life weight. The healthy person has won a lot of fun. The Chai and happiness in the brain are kept in their minds. He haipures the work that he does with enthusiasm. Therefore, it is said that health is wealth. To strive for good health is the obligation of man. It is important to practice the Vayayamayogasan and healthy routines. The person should also take proper care of their miner. The brain should keep positive thinking. Staying healthy should take advantage of God-paid gifts. The wealth of health should be protected at all costs. Where has even been-' a fitness thousand niyamat. Good health is the basis for all the pleasures of life.

Health is only wealth on speech 2

The venerable teacher's gun and morning greetings to my dear classmates. In today, everyone would like to recite his speech that I health is the only money written upper, hope you will hear me the arc and some good things to learn from my speech today, we have all just read behind the wealth Huve but have been called the greatest wealth of health. If Rupayapaisa is removed from the hand. So it can be retrieved again. But once health is impaired it is very difficult to put it in the old position. That's why sensible people manoyogapuravak security their health. Good health is the basis for all the pleasures of life. Goods can be purchased from money but their consumption depends on good health. If the rich man is unhealthy, there is no value to his wealth. If the poor are healthy, Farik does not matter because it has the wealth of health. Whatever he has, he can consume it appropriately. There is a kind of beauty  good health. Which is good health. His mind has enthusiasm and zeal. He hassle his work. He doesn't panic with hardships, keeps utfulal at all times. His piya is eaten in the body, it is not debilitating and fatigue. A health worsened on the other hand udasadu all the time: unhappy and distracting. Ataparatayek is the duty of the person to adopt the healthiest lifestyle and keep your body healthy and mind-blissful.

There are many wishing for good health but there is little to be conscious about. But only by imagining, health cannot be maintained. It has to effort continuously. Good and balanced diet, regular routine and regular exercise are three basic ingredients to maintain health. To coordinate phalanajasabaji and milk in food, chahiephalahari fresh vegetables, sprouted cereals, and kuchanakuch amounts of milk every day makes the person's health good. As well as staleness, bajaruu, over-fried food and high doses of maide are unfavorable to human health. Nowadays, children and youth are drawing towards fast food. It prematures the attraction of many types of illnesses and obesity. Regular routine in maintaining health is of great importance. It keeps the person away from stress. The body is acting like a machine, so it wants regularity.

It wants to do some kind of extreme. So everyone should have a regular routine and follow the Chahieis routine in order to relaxed the body and mind. Regular exercise is also a sufficient value to keep the body healthy. The exercise strengthens all organs in the body and provides the power to fight diseases. It makes the person agile and tanavarahit. Indian Health Sciences have been discussing the Yogasana and other measures to keep the body healthy in Ayurveda. Ayurveda explains what kind of lifestyle the human weather and season adapts to.

The importance of treatment made on time for good health is not too low. If a person is ill, he or she should immediately seek help from a qualified doctor to minimize and disregard any disease that may prove to be dangerous. Qualified doctor's advice can be able to avail the standard person early health. The clean-up of cleanliness is maintained at various levels in order to maintain the wealth of health.
Cleansing the body, cleaning the house, cleaning the garments and cleaning the Asapados, the Chahiesaphai system of the whole rule keeps the germs away from the body on the right. The person adopting the above measures can always remain healthy. Because a healthy body dwells on a healthy mind, we need to take all necessary measures to stay healthy.

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