Know what the benefits and disadvantages of drinking tea

Nice and hard tea everyone likes. But those who drink tea daily, are probably unaware of the other benefits and uses of tea. Tea can give you a lot more with freshness. Know these 9 benefits and disadvantages of tea .

 drinking tea
Know what the benefits and disadvantages of drinking tea

1 .Tea loss and benefits
The tea has lasted for centuries. These are the beloved drinks of the people for centuries. Around the country, about 80 to 90 per cent of the population wakes up in the morning as well as tea. The culture of the bed is not only prevalent in cities but also in the village-countryside, even in the early mornings.

2 .So for this reason people used to drink tea
So this is why people used to drink tea at the time people were drinking tea due to diabetes control, to decrease in winter, to lose weight and to Itayaedi for hangover prevention. Now modern scientific research has also made tea beneficial for health.

3 .Tea contains these hotels 
Tea contains the properties that are true whether the tea is black tea or green tea or flavours, all the tea contains Etiakasiodetas, anti-Kaitechinas and poliphenalas that positively affect our body.

4 .Different kinds of tea
Let's learn how different types of teas parabhavit our health by color:

5 .Green Tea
Green tea works of the bladder, breast, lungs, stomach, antioxidant for pancreatic and benefits in the prevention of the development of colorectal cancer.

6 .Green Tea
Preventing the kalogagig of arteries, reducing fat, helping to reduce brain parakasidetiv stress response, reducing the risk of neurological disorders like Alzheimer's and Parkinson's disease, lowering the risk of stroke and improving cholesterol levels

7 .Balaikak T
Black tea has the highest caffeine content. Studies have shown black tea protects from damage to the lungs caused by exposure to cigarette smoke. It also lowers the risk of stroke.

8 .The impact of pollution does little
Tea contains antioxidant. The tea protects your body from the ravages of aging and the effects of pollution. Tea contains less caffeine than coffee.

9 .Reduce the risk of sutteronak and heart attack
Tea can reduce the risk of heart attack. Drinking tea is arteriesly smooth and cholesterol-free. The study found that tea drinkers are even stronger despite the bones, more age, overweight, exercise, smoking and other risk Phaikataro.

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