Don't Worry I am with You II Shiridi Saibaba

Don't Worry I am with You II Shiridi Saibaba
Don't Worry I am with You II Shiridi Saibaba

Official Youtube Channel of Grand Master Sri Sai Viswachaitanya.

"Grand Master Sri Sai Viswachaitanya" - A renewed sai tatwa Pracharak in Telugu states, founder for "Shiridi Sai Tatwa Prachara Samithi", Founder/Chairman for "Sri Sai Maansi Charitable Trust".

Grand Master Sai is skilled with words and possess an extraordinary way of preaching which conveys Sai Tatwam to even a common person. Grand Master’s gnanayagna pravachana saptahas are being conducted on several topics of Shri Sai Satcharithra, Shri Sai harathulu, Sai asthathora shata namavali, Guru geetha, Sthavana manjari and experiences of Sai devotees etc., since 2003.

The main objective of Grand Master is to realize devotees that Sai is dear and near to all. His speeches reportedly revealed a sense of joy, pleasure and fascination with the ultimate knowledge of god-realization and liberation.

For more Details about Grand Master Sai Viswachaitanya Visit:;
GM Office: 9959077772/ 9959466663/ 7997571396.
Fb: sai viswachaitanya swamiji.

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