Rodney P Calls out #TimWestwood on Behaviour Towards Young Women #MusicNews

Rodney P Calls out #TimWestwood on Behaviour Towards Young Women #MusicNews
Uk HipHop Legend #Rodneyp has gone on a rant on instagram calling out Dj #timwestwood on daggering (a dance move) on stage with a much younger girl at the age of 61 . He calls him a geriatric paedo and the comments that followed involved stories of dating younger girls going back as far as 1986 .
Mic Righteous also posted a picture of him with jimmy savilles hair on his twitter
It has to said that no underage stories have come to light yet so this is solely based on his treatment of women and if his fair ?

Rodney P has made some serious points in this statement and i would love to hear what you guys have to say ??

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