Squishy Makeover DIY | How To Redecorate Squishies Cartoon Edition

Squishy Makeover DIY | How To Redecorate Squishies Cartoon Edition
Ello my cute nerdy family! Today's video is finally another squishy makeover DIY with a cartoon theme! It's been so long and I've wanted to do another how to redecorate squishies for ages and I finally used fabric paint! 😊😱

Comment below with the hashtag #cutenerdyfamily and you could be in the next video. I'm honestly so grateful for you all and I hope you enjoy all the videos to come 😍💙

For those asking, I adore Moriah Elizabeth's squishy makeover videos, which inspired me to start making them in the first place. I completely owe the idea and everything to her! Please go to her channel and subscribe, her videos are hilarious:

You can likey like the video if you want to share some smiles and come help me build the cute nerdy family by giving the subscribe button a tap! ^.^

Instagram - @CuteNerdyDiy

Music by IKSON

I absolutely love this artist, go check them out:

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