The BJJ Question I Can’t Answer (Ask This Instead)

The BJJ Question I Can’t Answer (Ask This Instead)
So I get asked a question very often and I simply cannot answer it.

It get's worded something like, "What's the best technique in BJJ?"

If you're experienced in Brazilian Jiu-jitsu you'll know right off the bat that there isn't one. The idea of a "best" technique is ridiculous.

If there was a best technique or position or anything like that. We'd all be doing that and only that.

But the reality is that Brazilian Jiujitsu offers a wide range of techniques and positions that favor certain body types and styles of play.

You only have to look around your gym or a competition where you can see a variety of different styles of BJJ in use. And the best part is, they all work!

It's not like a sport such as basketball where there is a somewhat uniform look to the players.

Instead BJJ offers a wide range of body types and they're all doing well.

So if you do decide to ask a question. Please do not ask me what the "best" technique is because I cannot give you that answer.

The best for me may not, and probably won't, be the best for you.

Instead if you give me a specific problem that I can help solve related to your BJJ training or competitions. Then I can focus on that problem and try to be of service to you.

This is simply because I want to be of use to you and be helpful. And if I answered a "best" question I'd not be completely honest.

Thanks for all the questions you do send and I look forward to growing with you!

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