What is Article 13 and will it Kill Memes? WIRED Explains

What is Article 13 and will it Kill Memes? WIRED Explains
The European Union Directive on Copyright in the Digital Single Market, to use its full name, requires the likes of YouTube, Facebook and Twitter to take more responsibility for copyrighted material being shared illegally on their platforms.

It's become known by its most controversial segment, called Article 13, which critics claim will have a detrimental impact on creators online. YouTube, and YouTubers, have become the most vocal opponents of the proposal.

But Article 13 and the Directive on Copyright isn’t law yet. It still has to go through a series of steps before it becomes finalised as an EU directive, and it's currently stalling as European Union member states can't agree on the final wording of the Directive. To help clear things up, here’s WIRED’s guide to the EU Directive on Copyright.

Read our guide for more:

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