Fujifilm XT3 - Four Important Camera Settings (often forgotten)

Fujifilm XT3 - Four Important Camera Settings (often forgotten)
The Fujifilm XT3 menu has many settings. Here are four that are often forgotten, but very important to setup for your camera. #fujifilm #camera #photography. Yes, I know that you can use TTL with that Godox model and not need to be in manual mode that that specific type of flash. However, many people do switch to Manual mode for these types of flash units, and then get frustrated when they can't see anything in the viewfinder.

This video is aimed at new owners of the Fujifilm X-T3 digital mirrorless camera. However, even as an advanced user, I sometimes find that I forget to set the preview exposure in manual mode setting, as well as the face and eye detection in the video menu.

Fujifilm XT3 can be purchased here:

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