Home values continue to rise in 2019: Our Take

Home values continue to rise in 2019: Our Take
We are in a very strong real estate market in Downey and surrounding areas of Los Angeles and Orange Counties. We always like to share up to date, real life negotiations, and situations that we encounter in our every day work in residential real estate. We truly believe that sharing these examples will be of extreme value to you when it comes time for you to buy or sell your next home.

The truth is, every transaction is a little different. Unlike selling a single $40 or $50 product that is exactly the same on a website, we are selling homes that are very different from each other. As displayed in this video, some homes come with solar panels, some don't. Some have pools, some don't. Some come with a load of city demands for repair or correction, others are completely remodeled with no repairs needed. With solar and other unique challenges that come with certain properties, experience in dealing with the city paperwork, and solar contracts is absolutely necessary for success in the sale and if not negotiated and dealt with properly can lead to loss of money and ultimately a falling out of escrow. The best thing you can do for yourself and your family is make sure you are working with a team that has seen and dealt with it all.

Chris Gonzales in this video describes a real negotiation that took place on a property that he had an offer on with his client. You'll see through this explanation of the counter received, why this real estate market is HOT for sellers and why you should make a move in this real estate market!

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