It's Time To Talk About That Loki Scene In Endgame

It's Time To Talk About That Loki Scene In Endgame
So, it turns out Thanos wasn't wrong when he declared that there would be "no resurrections this time" for Loki. Still, that doesn't mean much where Infinity Stones and trickster gods are concerned; Loki manages something in Endgame with potentially huge ramifications. Spoilers from here on out!

Quick recap: When the Avengers go back in time to get the Infinity Stones in Endgame, one team heads to Stark Tower just after the team has captured Loki in Avengers. In part because of the interference of the Avengers from the future, the captive Loki gets his hands on the Tesseract and disappears in a blue flash. The big question is, where did he go?

The most immediate concern about Loki is whether or not he creates an alternate timeline, split off from the main MCU continuity, in which he escapes the Avengers with the Tesseract. When Captain America brings all the Stones back to their respective times, does he return everything to normal and stop any timelines from branching? Or is Loki still out there with the 2012 Tesseract?

If Loki does create an alternate timeline when he escapes, and it still exists, then that opens a whole world of possibilities.

Free from the Avengers and in possession of the Space Stone, there's no limit to where Loki might go. He might bring the Tesseract to his benefactor Thanos. The Mad Titan's emissary, the Other, makes it perfectly clear what Loki risks if he fails Thanos, and none of it is pleasant.

With the Chitauri forces Thanos gave to Loki destroyed, the God of Mischief might see getting the Tesseract back to the Titan as the only way to save his life

However, Thanos probably wouldn't be Loki's first stop.

Losing the Chitauri forces to the Avengers would not necessarily sign Loki's death warrant. But there's something we know now that we didn't know when Avengers was released, that Thanos gave Loki an Infinity Stone to get an Infinity Stone. He trusted the Mind Stone to Loki, and in Endgame Loki leaves it behind when he escapes. How does it help Thanos' plans if he gains one Stone just to lose another? Unless Loki is uncharacteristically foolish, he won't run to Thanos. Doing so would just get his neck broken six years early.

Whatever deal was struck between Thanos and Loki, it all happens off-screen. We don't know the extent of Loki's knowledge regarding Thanos, his plans, and his other allies. When Thor confronts Loki in Avengers, Loki tells his brother he knows all about the Tesseract.

If we assume by 2012 that Thanos and Ronan the Accuser are already allies, and that Loki knows about the alliance, Ronan could be Loki's first stop. At that point, Ronan is in no position to challenge Thanos, and that's because he doesn't know what Thanos is after. When Thanos tasks the Kree with capturing the Orb, Ronan doesn't know it contains the Power Stone. If Loki knows more about Thanos' machinations than Ronan, then he has much to offer the Kree warlord and a potential ally to protect him from Thanos' wrath. Keep watching the video as we discuss how it's time to talk about that Loki scene in Endgame!

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Alternate timeline | 0:15
Back to Thanos | 0:58
Going to Ronan | 1:56
He stayed on Earth | 2:48
Return to Asgard | 3:33
Return to Jotunheim | 4:03
He went Knowhere | 4:55
His own stone quest | 5:45

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